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What is a Filter Press

What is a Filter Press A filter press is a piece of equipment designed for batch process filtration intended to separate solids and liquids using pressure filtration driven by slurry feed pumps. Filter presses have been widely used since the mid-1800’s in many industries including Waste-water, Metals and Mining, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Flavors and Fragrances, Pharmaceutical, […]

2015 Craft Spirits Conference and Expo

Louisville…Here We Come!!! ErtelAlsop is excited to be packing our bags, and flying out to the 2015 Craft Spirits Conference and Expo in Louisville, KY. If you’re heading to the conference, or if you’re already in Louisville just sitting around watching your bourbon age, then stop by booth 434 and see what great filtration options ErtelAlsop has for you. We’ll […]

Plate and Frame Filters for Whiskey

ErtelAlsop just helped a large whiskey distillery in Tennessee remove the carbon and char from it’s small batch, single barrel whiskey with 4 plate and frame filters for whiskey. Each of these plate and frame filter have 42.7 square feet of filtration area for a total of 170.8 ft² of filtration area. With that much […]

Filtration of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Sweeteners are the food additive used in the greatest abundance compared to other additives that include substances for spoilage prevention, taste, appearance, texture, etc. Among the sweeteners, fructose, notably high fructose corn syrup, plays a prominent role. It is a monosaccharide that is approximately 75% sweeter than sucrose, or cane sugar. Its many attributes, according […]

Filtration of Gelatin

Gelatin is a multi-use natural product. It is made from the partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from the skin, connective tissues and bones of animals. It finds application in foods, pharmaceuticals (capsules and coatings), medical dressings, photographic emulsions, cosmetics and many other commonly used products. The quality required for each application varies but in general […]