Filter Cloth for Filter Press Systems

ErtelAlsop can assist you with the proper replacement filter cloth for your filter press system to insure you have the best possible fabric and weave, with the proper fabric finishing operations and construction techniques for your filtration application. Our filter cloth can be ordered and converted to fit any manufacturer’s filter press, no matter the size or shape. ErtelAlsop makes sure that all of our filter cloth for filter press systems are carefully selected and optimized, per our laboratory filtration trials, to provide good particle retention, clear filtrate, high flow rates, and dry filter cakes.

At ErtelAlsop the type of filter cloth chosen for your filter press is based on your specific operating conditions, the performance required by the filtering media, and criteria given to us by you and/or by sample processing we do in our lab of your slurry.

Filter cloth comes in a variety of different materials including:
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Teflon
  • Cotton

Filter cloth is constructed from woven and non-woven materials:

  • Monofilament
  • Multifilament
  • Spun staple yarns
  • Needle-punched felts
  • Spun-bonded
  • Laminates

Should your process change, we recommend your filter cloth be re-evaluated for optimum performance.

Caulk & Gasketed Filter ClothNon-Gasketed Filter ClothDownloads

Caulked and Gasketed recessed chamber filter plates and filter cloth offer a virtually leak free operation. Caulked and Gasketed filter cloth are an octagon shape with a center feed hole, and double stitched with a caulking cord sewn into the hem (Pictured Above). For installation the corded hem is then hammerred into the CGR plate.

Non-gasketed filter press cloth is rectangular in shape, and extends outside of the plate edges. Non-gasketed filter press filter cloth is therefore somewhat simpler to install, and replacing is also much easier than Caulk & Gasketed cloths. This style of filter cloth is drapped over the plate and fastened with grommets along the outer edge of the plates.