Depth Filtration Equipment

Depth Filtration EquipmentErtelAlsop offers the widest range of liquid depth  filtration equipment in the world. This variety allows us to assist you in the complete scalability of your application, from small-batch to full production. ErtelAlsop recommends performance filration testing to optimize your process, which can be accomplished through the purchase of an ErtelAlsop lab filter or by contacting your local authorized distributor to schedule on-site testing. In the cosmeticelectric utilityfood and beverage and pharmaceutical markets, ErtelAlsop can supply the depth filtration equipment to meet your needs.

ErtelAlsop’s dewatering filter press systems are among the most efficient means of liquid/solid separation through pressure filtration , either for solutions filtration or sludge dewatering.

Laboratory Filters
ErtelAlsop offers a wide variety of laboratory depth filtration equipment for bench or pilot scale applications.

Plate & Frame Filter Presses
ErtelAlsop manufactures the highest quality plate and frame filter presses available on the market today. Models are available from 1″ square to 36″ square, in Stainless Steel or Polypropylene.

Vapor-Master® Enclosed Plate and Frame Filter Presses
ErtelAlsop’s Vapor-Master® series provides completely sealed and vapor-tight environments for filtration of harmful fluids.

Pak® Lenticular Cartridge Filter Housings
A wide variety of lenticular cartridge housing designs are available, in Carbon Steel, Polypropylene or Stainless Steel. Housings can be configured in the vertical or horizontal planes.