Filtration Applications And Markets We Serve

  • Pharmaceutical – High quality filtration to remove contaminants.

  • Food & Beverage – Providing filtration and clarification for food ingredients, flavors and beverage productions.

  • Chemical – From scale up to full production capacity to ensure consistent lot to lot production and product specifications

  • Flavor & Fragrance – Particulate and haze removal of essential oils and flavors.

  • Cosmetic –Clarifying filtration to final polishing for fragrances and personal care products.

  • Electric Utility – Filtration of insulating oil and lubricating oils in power generation.

  • Energy & BioFuels – Biodiesel dry washing and and clarification systems.

  • Metals & Mining – Medium and high capacity presses for slurry dehydration and dewatering.

  • Industrial Waste Water – Highly efficient dewatering for the removal of large quantities of particulate.