MicroCap™ Single-Use Depth Filter Capsules

MicroCap™ Depth Filter Capsules
Uniquely Flexible to Meet Your Processing Needs

Single-Use Depth Filter CapsulesA Capsule Suite Customized to Fit Your Processing Needs

MicroCap Single-Use Capsules offer the most flexible solution and the most consistent results for all of your batch processing needs.

MicroCap single-use capsules are a uniquely flexible line of disposable depth filter products designed to optimize scale-up and scale-down studies.

The MicroCap Capsule Suite with six different capsule sizes can meet your process volume requirements without requiring the pooling of multiple batches.

Lab-scale through clinical scale process volumes can be easily managed within the framework of cost-effective, efficient processing. Scale-up and scale-down studies can be efficiently managed through capsules sized and aligned to standard process volumes.


Uniquely flexible — options in capsule size, effective filter area and connection styles to suit your needs

Linear Scalability — assurance of application and throughput from lab to production scale

Low hold-up volume — reduced post-use rinsing volumes for product recovery

Completely disposable — no cleaning or cleaning validation

Depth Filter Media

The MicroCap single-use depth filter capsules incorporate 4 types of depth filter media:  MicroMedia,  XL Series, DXL Series – a double layer configuration of XL Series, or MicroClear (Impregnated with activated carbon) depth filter media in an easy-to-use, self-contained and completely disposable single-use depth filter capsule.

  • Lowest Extractable Levels
  • Zero Cleaning
  • Increased Particle Retention
  • Completely Disposable
  • Extended Throughput
  • Up to 2,800 cm2 of filtration area
  • Autoclaveable
  • Mammalian cell cultures
  • Bacteria, yeast, and insect cell lysates
  • Vaccines
  • Blood plasma proteins and serum
  • Media
  • Primary separations/prefiltration
  • Secondary clarification
  • Cell culture harvest
  • Cell culture clarification
  • DNA reduction
  • Endotoxin reduction
  • Host Cell Protein (HCP) reduction
  • Protein aggregate removal
  • Decolorization