Depth Filtration Sheets

Depth Filter Sheets

ErtelAlsop depth filtration sheets are configurable for use in various shapes and virtually any filter. Whether you need round or square filter sheets, we can format to suit your needs.

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Filtration Equipment

Filtration Equipment

ErtelAlsop liquid filtration equipment is designed with scalability in mind. From research and development, to pilot plant, to full scale production, we meet your filtration needs.

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Single Use Capsules

Single-use Capsules

ErtelAlsop has responded to the needs of the Life Science industry for single-use disposable capsules. MicroCaps™ with filter area ranging from 22.5 cm² to 2,800 cm².

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Find a Distributor

Find a Distributor

ErtelAlsop’s distributors are liquid filtration equipment and depth filtration media specialists with expertise in optimizing filtration processes, strategically located to provide nearby filtration support and testing.

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