Filter Rentals – Lab Filters, Plate and Frame Filters, and Filter Presses

Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly  Filter Press Rentals

ErtelAlsop offers filter rentals to accommodate any, and all of your filtration needs. Whether it be a weekly lab filter for testing, a pilot scale plate and frame filter for a few months, or an annual contract on a 1000 mm filter press, ErtelAlsop has a solution for your short and long term filtration needs. ErtelAlsop’s rental division is one of the largest in the industry. Our line of filtration equipment includes our entire product offering, including our Laboratory Filters, Pilot-Scale Plate and Frame Filters, Large Volume Plate and Frame Filters, Lenticular Filter Housings, and Recessed Chamber Filter.

The Right Solution

The need for a rental press is often based on testing, sizing for scale-up, and/or capitol investment restrictions. However, it’s not always just a filter you need – it’s often a knowledgeable company that can help you optimize your process and plan for all aspects of your depth filtration application. At ErtelAlsop, we’ve been providing not just equipment, but the Right Solution for over 80 years!

Rent / Lease to Own

ErtelAlsop’s rent-to-own program allows customers to test a filter’s performance before they purchase it. This program builds a customer’s equity in the press during filtration trials, and gives them time to ‘test drive’ the filtration equipment prior to purchasing. ErtelAlsop’s rental fleet is also unique because it has always been under our care and custody. Rarely can you find a manufacturer that maintains and services a rental fleet of their own equipment. ErtelAlsop’s Rent-to-Own program isn’t just for used equipment either. You can rent or lease a brand new filter which is built to your specifications! There’s no better way to optimize your process or complete you’re filtration trials than on brand new ErtelAlsop filtration equipment! Rental payments can even be applied toward the filter’s purchase price if the filter is purchased during the rental agreement.

Why choose a ErtelAlsop rental press?

  • An extensive collection of low-hour, process ready, filtration equipment
  • Filter Cloth, Filter Sheets, Paper or Lenticular Modules can also be included with rental contract
  • Exclusive Diamond Series Filter Presses available
  • Assistance in trials and optimization
  • Assistance with installation and maintenance
  • Experienced market managers
  • Friendly and efficient customer service
  • Fast delivery to the job site
  • Competitive pricing
  • Weekly, monthly and annual rent-to-own options
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