Filtration OEM Opportunities

An 80+ year old manufacturing company, ErtelAlsop offers wet laid filter media (depth filter media) and metal fabrication/machining services for items such as plate and frame filters, recessed chamber filter presses, filter housings, and other items used in the food and beverage, Life Science, Chemical, and Industrial markets. With our 85,000 ft² of manufacturing, fabrication, and machining, located in Kingston, NY, we are quite capable of supplying the products you may need.

Our standard lines of depth filter media are traditionally used for:

  • Primary separation
  • Secondary clarification
  • Removal of chill haze
  • Color adsorption
  • Endotoxin scavenging
  • High solids removal

Through the use of different filter aid additives, adsorbers, and specialty fibers, we are able to provide filtration media with very individualized characteristics to meet your unique applications.

Our standard lines of filter media consist of grades containing:

  • Cellulose fibers, filter aids (diatomaceous earth or perlite) and resin binders
  • Cellulose fibers and resin binders
  • Cellulose fibers, powdered activated carbon and resin binders

The removal/filtration mechanisms utilized by our standard filter media include size exclusion, electro kinetic charge (positive charge) and adsorption. If you have a special additive material, or are interested in further exploring our Filtration OEM capabilities contact us to discuss you specialty needs and applications.

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