Industrial Waste Water Treatment

1500 mm Filter Press InstallationAs industrial waste water treatment requirements become more stringent, effective filtration increases in importance. Precious Metal Recovery, Oily Sludge Dewatering, Refinery Waste Lagoon Sludge, and Municipal Waste Water Treatment  are just some examples of the applications the hard-working EA Series line of Recessed Chamber Filter Press systems can tackle.

Waste water slurry, such as metal hydroxides, alum sludge, etc., are pumped into the chambers of the filter press. Filtrate passes through the filter cloth and solids are retained. Solids collect on the cloth, forming an excellent filter cake, as if one were to intentionally pre-coat the cloth. As additional solids are pumped into the chamber, the cake continues to build until the entire chamber is full of dewatered solids. The press is then cleaned and recycled.

1000 mm Waste Water Filter Press

With plate sizes from 102 mm through 1500 mm, these presses offer a simple, reliable method of compressing and dewatering solids into cakes of 25-80% total concentration. This in turn provides clearer filtrate solutions than systems, which remove only free water.

Our Filter Press systems are available with Recessed Chamber, or Diaphragm Squeeze Plates and able to accommodate a wide variety of cloths. This line offers cake volumes from 0.5-300 cubic feet.  Options such as plate shifters, automatic hydraulic closures and mobile cake carts are also available.