Electrical Utility Oil Filtration

Fluid cleanliness and condition affect electrical insulating oils’ performance and directly impact equipment performance and longevity. In the Electrical Utility oil filtration, depth filters plays a critical role in keeping equipment fault-free and running smoothly. The filtration of insulating and lubricating oils, such as circuit breaker oil, transformer oil and turbine lubricants  is essential to prevent costly downtime for utility companies and industrial power generation facilities. Common contaminants found in these oils are water, acid and particles caused by wear and other external forces. Processing of the oil using a filter press, deploying materials such as fuller’s earth and/or vacuum dehydration, helps to remove these contaminants. Historically these contaminants were removed through the use of blotter presses. This type of equipment is bulky, difficult to service, exposed to atmospheric conditions and comparatively expensive to operate. ErtelAlsop provides a reliable and efficient alternative. The employment of an ErtelAlsop 12UF Filter Housing provides the user with a small, portable, enclosed, self-contained unit with the same filtration capacity as a blotter press.

ErtelAlsop can assemble a system to suit your application, whether it is a Portable Utility Cart, Handtruck Unit, or Over-the-Road-Trailer. The use of our Disc-Pak® Lenticular Filter Cartridge or our AquaKv-Pak® Filter Cartridge assures effective moisture removal. The AquaKv-Pak® is available in several particle retentions to hold carbon particles and is specially formulated with water-retentive capabilities. The Pak® lenticular filter module concept, originated by ErtelAlsop, helps to assure that transil oils such as circuit breaker, transformer oil and turbine lube oils can be returned to as new specifications.

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