Chemical Filtration

In the chemical industry, depth filters are used to perform critical separations across the spectrum of manufacturing processes: laboratory scale to commercial scale. Chemical raw materials, ingredients and additives demand various degrees of filtration from clarifying filtration to final-polishing filtration prior to additional processing or shipping.

EUS Plate and Frame Filter PressThese product applications include:
• Silicones
• Resins
• Volatile Solvents
• Adhesives & Sealants
• Specialty Coatings & Films
• Inks & Pigments
• Polymers
• Polyols
• Plating, galvanizing & etching solutions
• Catalyst & Enzyme Removal
• Powdered Activated Carbon Removal
• Water Removal
• Solids separation and Washing

Depth filters play a major role in assuring the highest degree of quality, whether used for high volume processes or fine, specialty polishing applications.

The depth filtration process removes haze, salts, particulate, precipitates, and free water. In many cases, activated carbon and filter aids are necessary additives for the refinement of the liquid product. These additives can also be removed through the use of ErtelAlsop depth filter media and machinery, whether it is a pre-coat or a body-feed application.

When decolorization is required, ErtelAlsop’s Micro-Clear product line, with powdered activated carbon (PAC) integrated into the filter media, is the perfect solution for these filtration applications.

Many chemical facilities still use cast-iron plate and frame filters with cloth, filter paper and diatomaceous earth or horizontal plate filters. These technologies, which served their purpose in the past, can now be inefficient, hazardous and labor-intensive. An ErtelAlsop Zeta-Pak® Filter Housing can replace these existing modes of filtration by providing an enclosed lenticular filter module cartridge style configuration, which can be manufactured to ASME code standards. A Zeta-Pak® Filter Housing provides a contained environment and allows for minimal downtime during filter change-out. ErtelAlsop also can provide the ZetaDri-Pak® for the separation of water induced haze from oil based products. The ZetaDri-Pak® also provides the same particulate filtration available in the standard Zeta-Pak®, thereby providing a 2 phase separation. Contact your local authorized distributor or ErtelAlsop directly to schedule on-site testing to see if this replacement is right for you.

Enclosed Plate and Frame FilterFor the filtration of volatile liquids, the use of an ErtelAlsop Pak™ Housing or Vapor-Master™ Enclosed Plate and Frame Filter is the industry standard in filtration equipment. Both provide vapor-tight enclosed filtration environments to ensure that your chemical filtration process runs efficiently.

For high-temperature, commercial-scale applications, a plate and frame filter press is still the best technology to complete the task. ErtelAlsop offers a line of industrial style filter presses with a wide range of construction material and automation choices. We have the ability to customize the equipment to your application requirements.