Plate and Frame Filters for Whiskey

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16 inch Plate and Frame Filter

ErtelAlsop just helped a large whiskey distillery in Tennessee remove the carbon and char from it’s small batch, single barrel whiskey with 4 plate and frame filters for whiskey. Each of these plate and frame filter have 42.7 square feet of filtration area for a total of 170.8 ft² of filtration area. With that much filtration area, this Tennessee distiller can filter 50 barrels of whiskey per day. That’s 2,650 gallons of whiskey which fills just over 5,700 bottles!!

ErtelAlsop plate and frame filters are available in 12 inch, 16 inch, 24 inch, and 36 inch filters. ErtelAlsop also manufactures 4 inch and 8 inch plate and frame filters for distilled spirit lab trials and pilot plants, and craft distillers.

Specs. Features
Model EUS-36 Plate and Frame Filter
Porting Standard – Internally Ported
Closure Type Air / Oil Hydraulic Closure
Special Features Camlock Fittings, SS enclosed Cabinet for air over oil Hydraaulic closure.
Filtration Area 42.7 ft² per press
Filter Media Flat Stock Filter Sheets
Batch Size 50 – 53 Gallon Barrels per day
Market Distilled Beverage
Industry Whiskey Distillery
Application Details Large Tennessee Whiskey Distillery – Carbon / Char removal from small batch whiskey production.
Date Shipped August 22, 2013
Shipped To Tennessee, USA
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