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Gelatin is a multi-use natural product. It is made from the partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from the skin, connective tissues and bones of animals.

It finds application in foods, pharmaceuticals (capsules and coatings), medical dressings, photographic emulsions, cosmetics and many other commonly used products.

The quality required for each application varies but in general desired characteristics include very low bio-burden (and sometimes sterility), clarity, and freedom from odor and color. As with virtually all natural products the achievement of these characteristics is most frequently attained using effective filtration.

Where sterility is required, in medical products for instance, effective depth filtration prior to further processing, such as sterile filtration and packaging, can assure low particle and microbial burdens and where used, extended life of sterilizing membranes.

ErtelAlsop designs proprietary plate and frame lenticular filter cartridge equipment and filter media in pad and cartridge formats to meet the specific needs of depth filtration in the processing of gelatin for all applications. Custom designs can be made available to meet specific flow rate, finish and operational specifications.

Proprietary filter media is available with nominal ratings from 10 to 0.25 microns.

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