Filter Media

Cellulose depth filter pads and depth filter sheets

Depth Filtration, What is it?

What is depth filtration? Depth filtration utilizes the thickness (depth) of a cellulose based filter media.  This “depth” matrix is used to trap suspended particles; separating them from their carrying fluid.  Depth filtration is most commonly applied in polishing filtration applications including, but not limited to: Essential oil and extract clarification Haze removal in distilled spirits […]

12 Inch Industrial Filter Housing for Silicone

ErtelAlsop built and shipped four, 12 inch industrial filter housings for specialty chemical filtration and silicone production in the North East. These four, 2-high industrial filter housings, each have a 2 inch flanged head, and max operating conditions of 150 psi at 180 degrees fahrenheit. Each filter housing will fit two ZetaPak depth filter cartridges. […]

3 High Pak Lenticular Filter Housing

ErtelAlsop ships a 3 high domed filter housing for a company in NJ who is using an API solvent based solution to remove platinum from a carbon catalyst. This filtration process is being done in the specialty chemical market. ErtelAlsop filter housings are available in vertical domed, Sanitary Pharmaceutical Housings, Industrial Chemical Filter Housings, or horizontal […]

1500 mm Filter Press For Wastewater Treatment

ErtelAlsop just completed shipping eight Model EA1500 Membrane Squeeze Filter Presses providing 283 cubic feet of solids capacity (8.01 m³) to a wastewater treatment facility in Mexico. Each filter press has 152 chambers providing 5,981 square feet of filtration area (555 m²) with 32 mm cake thickness. These 1500 mm filter presses are built on a […]

Filtration of Electric Utility Insulating Oil

The AquaKv-Pak® solves the water, moisture and particulate removal problem in dielectric fluids with efficiency standards beyond any presently available. Designed and formulated for removal of damaging water, moisture and impurities from transformer oils, circuit breaker oils, voltage regulator, switch gear, steam turbine and arc-quenching oils in electric utility applications. The AquaKv-Pak is the remarkable ErtelAlsop […]

Large Volume Parenterals

  Large volume parenterals (LVPs) are terminally sterilized (autoclave) injectable aqueous drug products packaged in a single dose container, generally of 100 ml or larger (usually up to 1 liter).   The major ingredient of large volume parenterals is virtually always water and the active drug ingredients vary. Common ones include 5% to 50% dextrose, […]

The ZetaDri-Pak®

The ZetaDri-Pak® is a lenticular disc cartridge that offers the benefits of depth filtration in addition to capturing free and emulsified water from your product.  The depth filter Pak® cartridge invented by ErtelAlsop more than 50 years ago allows for easy change out, low labor costs, along with optimizing filtration area and cake space. The […]

Pharmaceutical Water

While the raw materials and intermediates for the numerous and diverse pharmaceutical products and processes may vary, one ingredient is virtually fundamental and common to all.While the raw materials and intermediates for the numerous and diverse pharmaceutical products and processes may vary, one ingredient is virtually fundamental and common to all. This ingredient is called […]

Filtration of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Sweeteners are the food additive used in the greatest abundance compared to other additives that include substances for spoilage prevention, taste, appearance, texture, etc. Among the sweeteners, fructose, notably high fructose corn syrup, plays a prominent role. It is a monosaccharide that is approximately 75% sweeter than sucrose, or cane sugar. Its many attributes, according […]

Silicone Filtration

“Silicone”. Sounds like silicon. Silicon is one of the more widely distributed elements in our natural environment. Think of sand and one of its major commercial derivatives, glass, in the form of silicon dioxide, and as the foundation of virtually all semiconductors, hence the name, “Silicon Valley”. But silicon is also the important element in […]