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“Silicone”. Sounds like silicon. Silicon is one of the more widely distributed elements in our natural environment. Think of sand and one of its major commercial derivatives, glass, in the form of silicon dioxide, and as the foundation of virtually all semiconductors, hence the name, “Silicon Valley”. But silicon is also the important element in the chemical compounds referred to as “silicones”.

These compounds also called polysiloxanes, are a broad family of synthetic polymers containing a repeating silicon-oxygen backbone with organic side groups and are produced as fluids, resins and elastomers. They are characterized by thermal and oxidative stability, chemical inertness, resistance to weathering, good dielectric strength and low surface tension. The resulting products find widespread use throughout numerous industries for the formulation of a host of products, including surfactants, cosmetics and toiletries, clinical use in reconstructive surgery, lubricants, defoamers, paints, enamels and varnish, elastomeric seals, hydraulic oils, dielectric oils, protective coatings, adhesives, release agents and pharmaceuticals. Silicones are prepared commercially by the direct reaction of silicon with an organic halide, hydrolosis of the resulting organo-halosilicones and condensation of the unstable diols, compounds containing two hydroxyl groups. The chemical reaction forms salts that must be removed by filtration.

Our expertise lies in design and development of filter media, cartridges and flat stock as well as their accompanying housings and systems, for removal of particles, gels and salts formed by the chemical reaction for production. Water, which can cause haze formation, is also present as a contaminant. Our water removal filter media can provide effective removal in concert with particulate filtration in a single pass filtration operation. Filtration may be done as an intermediate step but is often performed immediately prior to filling into containers. For more information please contact sales@ertelalsop.com.

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