What is a Filter Press

What is a Filter Press A filter press is a piece of equipment designed for batch process filtration intended to separate solids and liquids using pressure filtration driven by slurry feed pumps. Filter presses have been widely used since the mid-1800’s in many industries including Waste-water, Metals and Mining, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Flavors and Fragrances, Pharmaceutical, […]

12 Inch Industrial Filter Housing for Silicone

ErtelAlsop built and shipped four, 12 inch industrial filter housings for specialty chemical filtration and silicone production in the North East. These four, 2-high industrial filter housings, each have a 2 inch flanged head, and max operating conditions of 150 psi at 180 degrees fahrenheit. Each filter housing will fit two ZetaPak depth filter cartridges. […]

Sealed Disc Plate and Frame Filter for Witch Hazel

ErtelAlsop built and shipped a 40 sheet Sealed Disc Plate and Frame Filter for witch hazel production in the North East. This unit is mounted with a pump and piping on a stainless steel base with adjustable legs. ErtelAlsop Plate and Frame filters are available in wide range of options. In addition to our sealed […]

3 High Pak Lenticular Filter Housing

ErtelAlsop ships a 3 high domed filter housing for a company in NJ who is using an API solvent based solution to remove platinum from a carbon catalyst. This filtration process is being done in the specialty chemical market. ErtelAlsop filter housings are available in vertical domed, Sanitary Pharmaceutical Housings, Industrial Chemical Filter Housings, or horizontal […]

Silicone Filtration

“Silicone”. Sounds like silicon. Silicon is one of the more widely distributed elements in our natural environment. Think of sand and one of its major commercial derivatives, glass, in the form of silicon dioxide, and as the foundation of virtually all semiconductors, hence the name, “Silicon Valley”. But silicon is also the important element in […]

Filtration of Ink

Think about ink! If we do at all we probably don’t think beyond our noses. Newspapers,
magazines, notes written with ballpoint pens, even the e-mail that we print out in despite the drive toward a paperless society. Think Ink! Think Ink! These are the uses of inks that are most familiar to us. But the world […]