Sealed Disc Plate and Frame Filter for Witch Hazel

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ErtelAlsop built and shipped a 40 sheet Sealed Disc Plate and Frame Filter for witch hazel production in the North East. This unit is mounted with a pump and piping on a stainless steel base with adjustable legs.

ErtelAlsop Plate and Frame filters are available in wide range of options. In addition to our sealed disc, enclosed system, ErtelAlsop offers a 12 inch, 16 inch, 24 inch, and 36 inch filters. ErtelAlsop also manufactures 4 inch and 8 inch plate and frame filters for distilled spirit lab trials and pilot plants, and craft distillers.

Specs. Features
Model Sealed Disc Plate and Frame filter
Porting 1.5″ tri-clamp inlet with center discharge
Closure Type Hand-tightened lid teflon gasket seal
Special Features
  • 1.5″ tri-clamp fittings on inlet and outlet piping
  • Pump with motor and by-pass piping
  • Mounted on stainless steel baseplate with adjustable legs

Filtration Area 3,360 in2
Filter Media MicroMedia Flat Stock Filter Sheets
Batch Size Unknown
Market Industrial
Industry Specialty Chemical
Application Details Used in a triple-filtration process during the production of witch hazel. Filtration occurs after the organic extraction and distillation process.
Date Shipped January, 2015
Shipped To North East, USA
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