3 High Pak Lenticular Filter Housing

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3_High_Pak_Filter_Housing_ErtelALsopErtelAlsop ships a 3 high domed filter housing for a company in NJ who is using an API solvent based solution to remove platinum from a carbon catalyst. This filtration process is being done in the specialty chemical market.

ErtelAlsop filter housings are available in vertical domed, Sanitary Pharmaceutical Housings, Industrial Chemical Filter Housings, or horizontal mountings. Our Filter Housings are 12 inch or 16 inch in diameter, and include designs for flat gasket or double-O-ring cartridges.

Specs. Features
Model Filter Housing
Porting Standard
Closure Type V-band Clamp
Special Features Vertical, 3 high, split dome filter housing – 1 high dome with a 2 Pak cartridge spacer. 316 Stainless Steel Filter Housing.
Filtration Area 55.5 ft²
Filter Media XL Series M953 – 12 inch diameter, double O-ring Pak lenticular filter cartridges
Batch Size 300 gallons
Market Industrial
Industry Specialty Chemical
Application Details API solvent based solution for removal of platinum on carbon catalyst.
Date Shipped January 7, 2015
Shipped To New Jersey, USA
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