12 Inch Industrial Filter Housing for Silicone

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ErtelAlsop built and shipped four, 12 inch industrial filter housings for specialty chemical filtration and silicone production in the North East. These four, 2-high industrial filter housings, each have a 2 inch flanged head, and max operating conditions of 150 psi at 180 degrees fahrenheit. Each filter housing will fit two ZetaPak depth filter cartridges.

ErtelAlsop depth filter housings are available in vertical or horizontal mountings, and for industrial use or fine filtration. Our Filter Housings are 12 inch or 16 inch in diameter, and include designs for flat gasket or double-O-ring cartridges.

Specs. Features
Model 12 inch vertical industrial filter housing
Porting Standard
Closure Type 2 inch flanged head, welded cylinder with square O-ring
Special Features 150 psi rating at 180 F
Filtration Area Up to 37 square feet
Filter Media Two, 9-cell ZetaPaks
Batch Size Unknown
Market Industrial
Industry Specialty Chemical
Application Details Filtering specialty chemical inputs for Silicone production
Date Shipped December, 2014
Shipped To North East, USA
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