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Think about ink! If we do at all we probably don’t think beyond our noses. Newspapers,
magazines, notes written with ballpoint pens, even the e-mail that we print out in despite the drive toward a paperless society.

Think Ink!

Think Ink!

These are the uses of inks that are most familiar to us. But the world of inks (and colorants) has far greater breadth to it. This world includes uses in pharmaceuticals for coloring tablets and capsules for identification, direct contact with medical devices, foods, critical package printing, data plotting, labels, cans and much more.

In virtually all applications, freedom from extraneous particles, including dispersion agglomerates, can assure uniform coating, color consistency, smooth ink flow and elimination of nozzle clogging in ink jet printers and plotters. Major ink producers recognize the need to control the effects of unwanted particulates and the benefits to be achieved. On its website, one manufacturer of ink jet inks specifically mentions the use of filtration to filter down pigmented
 ink to less than 0.5 microns producing a narrow particle distribution.

Effective depth filtration in the manufacture of inks, no matter what their final use, can assure
low burdens of extraneous particles. ErtelAlsop designs proprietary filter equipment and filter media to meet the specific needs of depth filtration throughout industry. Our expertise lies in the manufacture of the equipment and highly effective depth filter pads that can economically protect the product and assure its final quality. These include plate and frame filter housings and lenticular format filter cartridge housings plus a wide range of proprietary filter media.

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