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Filter PakThe ZetaDri-Pak® is a lenticular disc cartridge that offers the benefits of depth filtration in addition to capturing free and emulsified water from your product.  The depth filter Pak® cartridge invented by ErtelAlsop more than 50 years ago allows for easy change out, low labor costs, along with optimizing filtration area and cake space.

The 16 cell ZetaDri-Pak® holds a minimum of 148 ounces of water and allows the operator to simply monitor the differential pressure to determine when the filter Paks® need to be changed.

The ZetaDri-Pak® is available in all of the grades that ErtelAlsop offers—

Filter Aid Impregnated, Activated Carbon Impregnated.

The ZetaDri-Pak® is used for various applications where water is a problem.  From Flavorings to Oils, the ZetaDri-Pak® will solve the problems water causes.  The ZetaDri-Pak® will give you the retention level you require and will remove water from your product positively.

Low labor, low equipment costs, low hold-up of unfiltered heal, small space requirement.


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