Flavors and Fragrances

What is a Filter Press

What is a Filter Press A filter press is a piece of equipment designed for batch process filtration intended to separate solids and liquids using pressure filtration driven by slurry feed pumps. Filter presses have been widely used since the mid-1800’s in many industries including Waste-water, Metals and Mining, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Flavors and Fragrances, Pharmaceutical, […]

Filtration Of Flavors

The blending of essential oils or flavorings with alcohols or aqueous base liquids can result in the formation of haze or precipitates in the final product. For many years, depth filter media has been the primary means of polishing these liquids prior to filling. ErtelAlsop grades M‐40, M‐45, M‐50, M‐404, M‐454 and M‐504 in 8‐inch, […]