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Filtration of Electric Utility Insulating Oil

The AquaKv-Pak® solves the water, moisture and particulate removal problem in dielectric fluids with efficiency standards beyond any presently available. Designed and formulated for removal of damaging water, moisture and impurities from transformer oils, circuit breaker oils, voltage regulator, switch gear, steam turbine and arc-quenching oils in electric utility applications. The AquaKv-Pak is the remarkable ErtelAlsop […]

Pak Filter Housing

The lenticular filter cartridge format was invented by Alsop Engineering in the 1940s. Today, ErtelAlsop continuously improves upon this innovation. With its totally enclosed design, it is the perfect alternative to the plate and frame filter press. Since Pak® Filter cartridges are comprised of the same filter media used in plate and frame filtration, existing […]