Zeta-Pak® Depth Filter Module

The Zeta-Pak depth filter module is manufactured with MicroMedia providing a relatively high flow rate, zeta potential and superior retention of ultra-fine particles. The workhorse of ErtelAlsop Pak filter cartridges, the Zeta-Pak depth filter module can be used in virtually any application, as it provides the greatest retention efficiencies of all media series.

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  • Filter Aid Impregnated Media
    • Perlite
    • Diatomaceous Earth
    • Carbon
  • From course filtration to sub-micronic retention
  • Diameter: 12 inch or 16 inch
  • Height: 7 1/2″ or 10 7/8″
  • Core: Polypropylene or Stainless Steel straps
  • End Cap: Double O-Ring or Flat Gasket
  • Gasket Material: Viton, Buna-N, Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone, and Teflon Encapsulated
  • Number of Cells:  5 to 18
  • AlphaMedia is manufactured from 100% cellulose. It contain no resins, binders, fillers or synthetic micro fibers. Three standard nominal retention ratings, from 10µm to 1.0µm are available.
  • MicroMedia high-performance filter sheets contain cellulose, filter-aid, and resin binders. It has very high solids-loading capacity and is available in nominal retention ratings from 10μm to 0.25µm.
  • MicroMedia: L Series is designed for Life Science applications where 1,3 B D glucan interference may falsely indicate elevated endotoxin levels with some LAL test kits. Manufactured with a combination of specially treated cellulose fibers, filter aids and resin, L series filter media provides significant advantages for use in sensitive process conditions.
  • MicroMedia: XL Series is formulated with cellulose, resin binders and an ultra-pure form of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is specifically designed for use in critical applications requiring extremely low extractable and leachable levels for metal ions.
  • MicroMedia:LXL Series combines advantages of the XL series ultra pure Diatomaceous Earth with the L series Beta glucan poor cellulose fibers to produce this superior depth filter media and making it the leading choice for Biopharm applications.
  • MicroClear is designed to remove color and odor from process fluids to provide colorless and odorless process streams. Through a blending of powdered activated carbon, cellulose fibers and resin binders ErtelAlsop is able to provide 7 different grades of this filter media to choose from.
  • Pharmaceutical Grades – ErtelAlsop pharmaceutical products are supported by individual Validation Guides for each grade of pharmaceutical depth filter media