Dewaxing Filter Press

ErtelAlsop Dewaxing Filter Press offers an efficient option for lipids removal and polishing dissolved Oleoresin. All liquid contact components are FDA Compliant and are capable of filtering solvents at -40°F. Filter press operation requires very little operator intervention during processing and offers quick and easy cake removal between cycles. Pressure filtration offers fast filtration and efficient solid-liquid separation for maximum product recovery.

Our products have been proudly manufactured in the USA for over 90 years.

Available Units:

5 Cu Ft Press
  • Will process approximately 750-gallon batches of Solvent/Crude (10:1 mixture)
  • Removal of approximately 150 kg of lipids (fats, waxes)

10 Cu Ft Press

  • Will process approximately 1500-gallon batches of Solvent/Crude (10:1 mixture)
  • Removal of approximately 300 kg of lipids (fats, waxes)

As with all ErtelAlsop Filter Press models, optional features are available for many application and operating environments.

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  • High Strength Carbon Steel Skeleton
  • Chemically Resistant Painted Framework
  • 304 Stainless Steel Side Bar Wear Strips
  • Caulk & Gasketed Recessed Polypropylene Plates
  • Thorough Wash Capability
  • Feed Pressure: up to 100 PSI
  • Manifold: Connects the four corner outlets to a single discharge point. Piping is schedule 40 316SS with Tri-Clamp connections. Manifold includes manual ball control valves allowing uniform filling during the fast fill process, and a compressed air inlet valve connection for chamber blow-down
  • Hydraulic Closure: air over oil driven hydraulic system with a double acting hydraulic cylinder and piston feed
  • Area Classification: Class 1 Division 1 and 2 Compliant (C1D1 and C1D2)
    • Validation package available for GMP facilities
    • Pre-Coat Tank
      • 250-Gallon high-density polypropylene cone-bottom cylindrical tank
      • Single piece rotationally molded
      • FDA approved
      • Highly chemical resistant
      • Sturdy carbon steel stand with mixer bracket
          • Flanged 5″ X 5″ feet with 13/16″ diameter mounting holes
          • Reinforced legs
          • Formed rim around the perimeter of tank bottom
    • 14 gage stainless steel drip pan with a 1/2″ valved drain outlet
    • Self-dumping Cake Carts fabricated from carbon steel and coated with chemically resistant paint equipped with forklift rails and casters for easy handling
    • Drum mounted cake chute fabricated from 14 gage 304 stainless steel
    • Casters mounted on the filter press legs
    • Polypropylene blanking/support plate for use when reducing solids capacity
    • Field service for Start-up, Commissioning, and Training: $1250 USD per Work and Travel days per service technician plus documented travel expenses
    • Plate size: 630 x 630 mm
    • Capacity: 0.5 to 10 cubic feet
    • Filter Surface Area: 13 to 218 square feet
    • Dimensions: 155″L x 36″W x 60″H
    • Filter Plates: FDA Polypropylene Caulk and Gasketed Recessed Chamber Filter plates with thoroughwash porting. Standard Gasket material is EPDM.
    • Filter Cloth: FDA Polypropylene filter cloth, pre-installed onto filter plates
    • Optional Feed Pump: 1″ FDA Compliant 316SS Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump
      • Stainless Steel Wetted Path Material
      • Tri-Clamp Connections
      • Santoprene Diaphragms
      • Hytrel Ball Valves
      • -40°F to 225°F Operation
      • 45.2gpm Max Flow Capacity