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ErtelAlsop is the result of the merger of Ertel Engineering and Alsop Engineering. Ertel Engineering was founded by Frederick Ertel in 1932 in New York City. He originally manufactured and sold depth filter media for the pharmaceutical industry. In 1938, he moved his company to Kingston, New York, about 100 miles north of Manhattan, on the Hudson River. In Kingston, Ertel expanded the business to include plate and frame filter presses, pumps, agitators, bottle fillers, and other equipment for liquid processing. In 1943, Ertel developed the first pyrogen retentive filter media for Bristol Laboratories, to use in the manufacturing of penicillin for World War II. In 1979 Ertel patented the first enclosed horizontal plate and frame filter press in conjunction with Avon to eliminate vapors from Avon’s production floor in order to improve working conditions. As usual, Ertel was willing to go the extra mile to provide a solution for its customer’s application.

Alsop Engineering was founded by Samuel Alsop in 1920.  Alsop’s first product, The Sealed Disc Filter, was an enclosed horizontal plate filter. Alsop’s first filter sheets were manufactured for them by Ertel Engineering. In the 1940′s, Alsop invented an accordion shaped filter cartridge, which provided an enclosed filtration environment and much shorter changeover cycles than plate and frame filter presses. This was the first Zeta-Pak® lenticular cartridge. In addition to the cartridges, Alsop designed the corresponding filter housings. Originally vertical with removable covers, these housings have evolved to include horizontal mounting, ASME code, and sanitary designs. Alsop’s product line was not limited to filters alone, it also included tanks and portable mixers. Available in both direct and gear-driven models, the mixers were unique because the same base components were used from 1/4 to 3 horsepower designs. This feature allowed the end user to maintain common parts for various sized agitators.

ErtelAlsop’s customer base is filled with clients who have been buying from us for over 80 years. Our commitment to customer service and willingness to modify our designs to meet customer requirements continues to make ErtelAlsop stand apart from our competitors.


Made in the USA

ErtelAlsop is an innovator in the manufacturing of depth filter media and machinery for liquid filtration since the 1920’s. As such, ErtelAlsop is your one source for all depth filtration and liquid processing products.

ErtelAlsop filter media and machinery work to improve liquid process quality in chemical, food and beverage, flavor and fragrance, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, electric utility, and now waste water applications.

Commitment to Service

Our commitment to quality is equaled only by our commitment to customer service and support. Your purchase includes more than the products - it includes the resources of the company.

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