Portable and Fixed Mount Mixers

ErtelAlsop manufactures both Portable and Fixed Mount Mixers. Portable or clamp type mixers are simple to mount and easy to adjust for optimum agitation.  All voltages and motor enclosures are available as is a variable speed drive.  Rotating parts are machined to close tolerances and precision balanced.

Similar to the  Portable clamp-type mixers, channel mounted mixers are equipped with square plates, with or without angle risers, for mounting on channel iron supports across open top tanks.  Channel mounted mixers provide a low cost method for blending miscible liquids, dissolving suspended solids, and for heat transfer.  Models are available with horsepowers from ¼ to 3.  The optional 10° off-set angle riser is available for all channel mount models.

Standard FeaturesOptional FeaturesSpecifications
  • Efficient, totally enclosed or explosion proof motors and air motors.
  • Special options available
  • Industry standard motors
  • Heavy cast aluminum housing and gear case
  • Helical gearing, NEMA rating 10
  • Sealed grease lubricated gear head
  • Oversized, permanently sealed and lubricated ball bearings
  • Broad selection of Direct and Gear driven models
  • Economy Models
  • Material of Construction
  • Wetted parts
  • Coatings
  • Variable speed: SCR control, Variable Frequency, and Mechanical
  • Impeller design
  • Angle risers
  • ASME flange seal
  • Stuffing box
  • Vapor seal
  • Mechanical seal: lubricated or dry running
  • “C” Clamp
  • Saddle Plate


Applications: up to 10,000 cps
Horsepower range: 1/4 through 3 HP
Speeds: Direct Drive 1725 RPM
Speeds: Gear Drive 430 RPM


Applications: up to 3000 Gallons
Horsepower range: 1/4 through 3 HP
Speed: 1725 RPM
Mounting: “C” clamp or saddle plate