What is a Mash Filter?

A mash filter is a filter used in place of a traditional lauter tun to separate sweet wort from grain solids.

The mash is pumped into the plates of the press, quickly separating the wort from the grain, allowing the wort to move on to the next step in the brewing process within minutes.  Sparge water is pumped through the plates containing the collected grains.  The filter plates are then separated, and the dry cake is easily removed into a cart for disposal.  The whole process is fast and efficient compared to using a lauter tun which takes considerably longer.

The ErtelAlsop Mash Filter provides a large surface area, high pressure filtration system for efficient solids dewatering and liquird recovery.  ErtelAlsop Mash Filters are easy to operate, have few moving parts, and utilize re-usable cloth filter media.  Mash filters require minimal utility requirements and very little maintenance.

Where is a Mash Filter Used, and What are the Benefits?

Breweries for Processing Wort


  • Replaces Need for Lauter Tun
  • Provides Optimal Delivery System for Sparging Process
  • Faster Process = Increased Production!
  • Flexibility in Grain Types – raw, un-malted grains for creative, complex flavors
  • Conserves Water and Energy – Our Customers Use up to 40% less water and 20%-30% less grain


Distilleries for Processing Still Mash

Whiskey GlassStill Mash

  • Replaces Need for Mash Tun
  • Provides Optimal Liquid Recovery and Grain Dewatering
  • Distillers Use  30% Less Raw Water by Recycling Effluent for Sour Mash Batches
  • Recycled Effluent Yields Deeper, Richer Flavors
  • Dewatered Grains Disposal Less Costly (less water weight), Compost Better, and Have Longer Shelf Life for Stock Feed
  • Reduced Waste Costs (Hauling Water is Expensive)
  • Recycled Filtrate into the Plant Reduces the Volume of Raw Water Required
  • Drier Grains Last Longer
  • Longer Shelf Life Allows for Further Travel Distance for Stock Feed
  • Environmentally Friendly – Cleaner Waste, Less Water Consumption


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