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Flavor and Fragrance FiltrationFlavor and Fragrance are intricate mixtures of natural, nature identical and synthetic ingredients. Expert perfumers within the fragrance industry draw from a diverse palette of essential oils and other fragrance materials and combine them in unique ways to produce scents that are enjoyed in a variety of products including fine fragrance, personal care, home care and home design products.

Various degrees of filtration from clarifying to final polishing filtration are demanded by flavors and fragrances. Depth filters play a major role in assuring the highest degree of quality. The filtration of essential oils, from which many products get their fragrance, removes haze, particulate and possibly filter aids which were used in the refinement of these liquids. In some cases, decolorization is essential for the presentation of a clean and clear product. ErtelAlsop’s Micro-Clear filter media with activated carbon is the perfect solution for these filtration applications. The use of our Pak® Filter Housing is well suited to filter volatile liquids like perfumes and fragrances and presents an enclosed environment with a minimal amount of leftover heel. An ErtelAlsop Vapor- Master® Enclosed Plate and Frame Filter Press allows for the containment of vapors and the possible treatment of liquid with filter aids. In addition to being fully cleanable, our new patented BioClean™ Filter Plate Assembly provides the ability to completely drain a plate and frame filter press. Supplied in conjunction with our state of the art air over oil hydraulic closure, which minimizes leakage and reduces loss to a minimum, ErtelAlsop is uniquely positioned to provide the ultimate in plate and frame filter press technology.

ErtelAlsop manufactures a wide range of cellulose based filter media for use with cosmetic and personal care products, which fit our wide selection of filtration equipment. Click below for more detailed information.


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ErtelAlsop is an innovator in the manufacturing of depth filter media and machinery for liquid filtration since the 1920’s. As such, ErtelAlsop is your one source for all depth filtration and liquid processing products.

ErtelAlsop filter media and machinery work to improve liquid process quality in chemical, food and beverage, flavor and fragrance, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, electric utility, and now waste water applications.

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